The BiogenCareFor MS website has been designed to be one of the most comprehensive resources in Canada to help people that are looking to learn more about multiple sclerosis, its diagnosis, treatment options and more. This section is intended to help General Information Seekers begin their journey. 


Depending on your familiarity with multiple sclerosis (MS) and your specific areas of interest, there are three recommended places to start your experience on the BiogenCareFor MS website. 

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This section provides basic explanations of how MS affects the body's nervous system, the different types of MS and the history of medical treatments.

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This section provides information about MS symptoms, the impact of MS on mobility and how MS is diagnosed by healthcare professionals.

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This section describes the benefits of treating MS early, how MS medications can help and available MS treatment options approved for use in Canada.


For over 30 years, Biogen has been a leader in MS research and currently offers the broadest MS therapy portfolio to help people with relapsing forms of MS.