The Biogen ONE™ Support Program

The Biogen ONE™ Support Program helps those living with MS manage the complexity of MS therapy regardless of the Biogen product that has been prescribed to them.

Each therapy entails a variety of considerations from navigating reimbursement and ongoing monitoring to disease education and nursing support. With the Biogen ONE™ Support Program, all of those needs are addressed in one place, by one nurse, regardless of the Biogen therapy prescribed.

Biogen ONE™ aims to customize and simplify the MS treatment experience.

The Dedicated Regional Support Nurses (RSNs) serve as the primary contact to Biogen ONE™.

RSNs are familiar with the challenges that many people face, as well as how to support them through their MS journey. They are knowledgeable about MS and Biogen therapies, and uniquely equipped to understand the needs of those enrolled. RSNs are either MS certified or working toward certification, and have established relationships with physicians.

Their key function is overseeing the coordination of all services required for those enrolled to start and stay on a therapy (including reimbursement support). As a member of Biogen ONE™, individuals will be given the RSN’s direct contact information to establish both a relationship and touch-point within the program.

RSNs work closely with an individual’s neurologist and MS clinics, and are an important part of the healthcare team.


The Biogen ONE ™ Support Program can help determine insurance eligibility, facilitate insurance authorizations and explore options for additional reimbursement support as necessary.

In tandem with a Regional Support Nurse (RSN), a Reimbursement Specialist may help with:

  • Reviewing the details of a given insurance plan and the coverage provided for prescription drugs.
  • Calling the insurance company to determine if any documentation is required for reimbursement of medication.
  • Assisting with the completion of all the necessary documentation and forwarding it to the appropriate insurance company for processing.

Biogen ONE™: Helping to make things easier.



Starting on certain therapies for MS may mean getting used to the idea of regular injections.

It is important for individuals to get proper training on how to inject medication, when to inject medication and where to inject it. The RSNs will work with the individual to make sure that they are fully prepared and informed before their first injection and provide ongoing help throughout the treatment process.

The Biogen ONE™ Support Program provides injection training can be done at a location that is most convenient – either at home or at an injection clinic located nearby.
Proper preparation can help with peace of mind.


If infusion treatment is prescribed, it can be done with the full support of the Biogen ONE™ Support Program, in partnership with your healthcare team.

Infusions will always be given at an infusion clinic by a trained infusion nurse. In identifying the most appropriate clinic, RSNs will help with recommending the most appropriate clinic, considering: hours of operation, clinic amenities (WiFi, television, etc.) and other factors.

The RSNs will work with the individual to make sure that they are fully prepared and informed before their first infusion and provide ongoing help throughout the treatment process.

Getting an infusion should be a relaxed and helpful experience.


Biogen ONE™ recognizes the important role that family and friends can play in the treatment process. In addition to helping those living with MS, RSNs are available to support anyone helping along the way.  

Support can make a big difference.  


For over 30 years, Biogen has been a leader in MS research and currently offers the broadest MS therapy portfolio to help people with relapsing forms of MS.